Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The UVAURA Story

A little about me, Stephanie, Founder of UVAURA: I came to CA to launch my brand, UVAURA. UVAURA offers a line of women’s sun protection that is technically built, scientifically tested for UPF rating, and very fashionably delivered.… The style streams Old Hollywood glamour in a modern silhouette.  I have always loved Grace Kelly’s timeless style with hats and scarves! Also, have loved Audrey Hepburn’s hats with scarves. These photos were a few of my inspirations for UVAURA. 

I built the brand because I needed the product. I have had skin cancer and also some corrective work to refine my sun damage. Going through that set of procedures had me worried I would never be able to relax on a sunny day again…Enter UVAURA: The line is hats and scarves that work together as a team to provide full face and upper body UV shelter. The coverage is far beyond that offered by any hat on the market. In addition the scarves come from the hat and can be worn as upper body cover ( poncho, head scarf, shoulder wrap, pareo, etc, ) ….The fabrics are internationally sourced, the product is manufactured in the US. See more at www.uvaura.com :)